Las Vegas schools aims to meet homeless children’s needs – Free Speech Radio News

The National Center on Family Homelessness reports that nearly one of every 50 American children is homeless, living on the streets, in cars, motels or substandard housing. As the recession deepens, school districts around the country have been reporting spikes in homelessness. Because of their chaotic lives, homeless children are far more likely to suffer from emotional problems, fall behind in their schoolwork and eventually drop out of school.

Sing Along With A Mt. St. Helens Ballad – CAScade Magazine

University of Oregon English professor and singer Dianne Dugaw  grew up 30 miles from Mt. St Helens and after the volcano erupted in 1980, her father, the lone doctor in the region, treated many of the injured and her mother cooked breakfast for the National Guard. She describes the cataclysmic eruption as a traumatic and violent event for the people who lived in the volcano’s shadow.

Not surprisingly, she says, many local musicians responded to the disaster by writing songs, and Dugaw, who sings ballads herself about historical heroines, was immediately drawn to them.


A Cold Water Prayer from Blessing Hands Rock

The Winnemem Wintu are a tiny tribe of 125 in Northern California. During World War II, they lost their homes and many of their sacred sites on the McCloud River beneath Lake Shasta when the Shasta Dam was constructed.

Blessing Hands Rock is often underwater due to water being stored behind the dam. Once every few years the site is revealed, and in this video two Winnemem young men dive into the cold water to lay down a prayer on the sacred rock. Blessing Hands Rock and more than 40 additional sacred sites would be submerged or damaged by a current proposal to raise the Shasta Dam 18.5 feet.

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