Since 2012, I have coordinated the Stand Against Stigma and Brave Faces campaigns, multimedia/oral history projects to eliminate stigma and shame associated with mental illness, suicide and substance use disorders in rural Shasta County, Calif.

The campaign focuses on telling the stories of local residents who’ve experienced these issues. Here are a few examples of the audio slideshows I’ve produced for the campaigns. See more at

Dairrien Call

Dairrien Call, a recent Anderson New Technology graduate, shares in his Brave Faces gallery how music, therapy and support from friends has helped him deal with #depression, bullying and suicidal thoughts.

Sara Fabila

A Shasta College student and Redding resident, Sara Fabila shares how her faith, therapy and medication helped her break the cycle of domestic violence and substance abuse. She is now studying to become a lawyer for disadvantaged women.

Carrie Jo Diamond

Carrie Jo is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a local LGBT activist and a Central Valley High grad. In her story, she shares how she survived a sexual assault and developed #PTSD and #bipolar symptoms after returning home from war.

Dani Brewster

Shasta County resident Danielle Brewster shares how tragedy, hurtful racism and other factors led her to a deep depression, and how the support of her family and wife, the medicine of her culture and the support of her doctor helped her to move forward and live a happier life.

David Martinez

David Martinez, a Winnemem Wintu tribal member and Whitmore resident, share his story of recovery from alcoholism and depression which he traces to trauma in his own life as well as the trauma his tribe has suffered at the hands of colonization that continues to echo across the generations.

Ty Ford

Redding resident, activist and Shasta College student Ty Ford discusses the fear of rejection he’s faced throughout his life, especially that related to his identity as a transgender man.

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