Do I look ‘tense’? It’s Because There’s Something Wrong with This Museum Display

Do you know what’s wrong with this display on the Chinook tribe I saw recently at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria?

IMG_20140825_102224819_HDR IMG_20140825_102236829_HDR IMG_20140825_102242505

The museum is actually pretty spectacular and incredibly informative on the history of industrial salmon fishing at the mouth of the Columbia, which is known as the “Graveyard of the Pacific” because so many men perished at sea due to the unpredictable and extreme conditions.

I’m one of those people that easily gets drowsy at museums, but this one enthralled me with its displays on the lives of fisherman as well as disaster tales at sea.

However, I was on the look out for any acknowledgment of the indigenous salmon people of the region, and I did find this tiny little display in an isolated nook.

Do you see the incongruence here? The text was right below the images of the modern day Chinook people. If you see the issue, you’ll have some hints at my upcoming project, which I’m tentatively calling #UndammingHistory. More to come . . .

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